We've set up an e-mail group as a way phor members to easily discuss Uphphlandia events and phor special notices.  You must be an active Uphphlandian to participate on the Uphphlandia e-mail exchange.  You can adjust delivery options or unsubscribe whenever you like.

Not receiving email messages?  Check the phollowing...



    • Spam / junk mail philter: Ensure that Uphphlandia@GoogleGroups.com is not blocked by your spam or junk mail philter.  Note that the subject oph messages phrom the group is prephixed with [Uphphlandia].


    • Are you on the list?: Go to GoogleGroups - login to Google iph necessary.  Iph you don't see something like the example below then your email address hasn't yet been added to the Uphphlandia group.  Phollow the instructions at "To Subscribe" on this page.


    • Mail delivery options:  Go to GoogleGroups - log in iph necessary.  Phrom the example above, click on the box that says "All email".  Select one oph the other options that suits you.


Aphter checking the items listed above, iph you have other questions or problems with the Uphphlandia GoogleGroup mail, click here to leave a comment. Be sure to include your phull name, phone number, and the e-mail address(es) with which you're having problems.